My name is Emily DeBias, I am a 27 year old Chicago transplant from Texas now living in the great state of Michigan. Back in 2009 I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in theatre with an emphasis in acting. While there I took a plethora of creative writing and literature classes. Some of the books I read during my time there I still treasure to this day. I enjoyed most of my classes there and it still pains my mother that I didn’t minor in journalism or something in the writing field.

I would like to say that this started out as a mission to delve into the mysterious world of classic literature but, in truth, it is the product of a few too many glasses of wine and a chance stumble on to a website while googling The Fellowship of the Ring. “The List” intrigued me. I have often had trouble trying to decide what I’m going to read next after I finish a book, especially a good one. “The List” took the guess work out of the equation. I also saw it as a challenge. How many times had I  picked up Pride and Prejudice just to put it down again? This would force me to read those books I had heard so much about, “and why not share your experience with the world?” Drunk me thought this was a grand idea and sober me still agrees.

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