The Girls- Emma Cline


“It was just a heart, like any lovesick girl might doodle.”

I have been wanting to read this book since I read about it in Time magazine. Then a couple months back I joined the book of the month club and to my surprise this was one of the choices!!!

I loved this book! It reminded me of another favorite book of mine  Anthropology of an American Girl. The way Ms. Cline writes is poetic and reminds you of the feelings of being a young girl growing up too quickly. Evie is trying to deal with growing up in the late sixties, her parents divorce, and starting to back away from her childhood friend. This is when she meets Suzanne, a girl who is running with Russel (a Manson-esqe character).

Through out the book you can feel the tides changing with Russel’s group and when you finally get to the pinnacle of the story you are not disappointed. I even found the, very few, chapters that are told from the point of view of older Evie enjoyable. Different, but enjoyable.

This is a quick read and I wish it was longer. I think Ms. Cline could have gone deeper into the the madness unraveling at the ranch, or even the trial. Quick or not this has a place on my favorites shelf now.

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