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Clariel- Garth Nix


Unexamined feelings lead to all kinds of trouble.

I picked up the Abhorsen Trilogy back when I was in middle school. I remember loving it! I also remember thinking “this is a young adult novel?” when it described the gentle curve of a male statues, ahem, well you know. I ended up losing the first book in the series Sabriel probably in a move. It wasn’t until I was in college, and I remember this part quite clearly, that I found the trilogy for sale on amazon. I was sitting quietly, probably having a glass of wine, in our little studio apartment on Michigan Ave. when all of the sudden amazon recommended I read the Abhorsen Trilogy. I squealed with joy remembering a book a long ago lost and was desperate to find again; because for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of the damn thing.

I devoured the trilogy and loved every second of it. I have vivid memories of staying up late and reading and hanging on every word. Fast forward to a couple months back when I was killing time wondering around over at and they recommended that I check out this new novel by Garth Nix. When I found out it was part of the Abhorsen world I jumped at it. I put it on the back burner for a while to read a few other things that I had higher up in my queue.

I want to start out by saying that I ultimately did enjoy this book. Ok. I should say I enjoyed the last half of the book. The beginning was very slow and when I finally was hooked on the book I was already 75% of the way through. I read another review where they said it read like a first draft not a final product; and I would agree that the first part did read a little like that. There wasn’t a lot of substance behind the words. I know he was trying to set up certain things to get you to the finale but I think the story of Clariel could’ve been told as a short story. By the time I was deep in to the story it was over and I wanted more.




One of the main reasons I ended up enjoying the end of the book was the return, or introduction rather, of a beloved character from the trilogy. A little cat that you grow to love even though he may be one of the darkest creatures known to Free Magic. That’s right, Mogget is back, or introduced, or whatever. He is still the same old Mogget that we know and love from the trilogy and I wish he had more of a leading role in this story.

Pick up this book if you loved the trilogy as much as I did, but don’t go in to it thinking it’s going to hold a candle to the original series. When you’re finished you are going to want to read the trilogy again. Something I may do, just for the sake of writing a review of it since it was well before this adventure started that I read them. I also hear that Mr. Nix is coming out with a new book this fall called  Golden Hand which is set after the events if the Abhorsen trilogy end. I never read his book of short stories that deal with the Abhorsens so I’ll probably do that before the new book comes out.

Now what to read? I may try and tackle Stephen King’s 11.22.63, I finished the mini-series last week and I’m praying that the book gives me more answers to the burning questions I have. But at 842 pages it may take me awhile to finish.

Stay tuned, friends.