Dark Places- Gillian Flynn


The truly frightening flaw in humanity is our capacity for cruelty – we all have it.

I had been waiting for this book to be returned to the library for months! I just couldn’t ever synch up my reading with when someone was returning it, in short, everyone wanted this book. After Gillian Flynn’s runaway hit Gone Girl went to the big screen the demand for her books has been high, and after reading this one I understand why.

Dark Places is written in a style that I love! Every chapter is told from a different character’s perspective and even jumps time periods to do so. I always feel like I’m getting more of the story this way. The three main narrators are Libby Day (present), Ben Day (past), and Patty Day (past). That would be her older brother and her mother, respectively. While Libby is in the present grappling with the after math of her families mass murder; Ben and Patty are in the past just days away from the fateful day and as tension mounts so does the desperation in the chapters.

Patty Day has been trying to keep her family of five running smoothly since her husband left and the farming hasn’t been great in Kansas. She’s stuck in a place where she can’t get out, and her son Ben isn’t making things better. He is a teenager trying to find his own in a rural neighborhood all the while living with four females. He’s just boy trying to find his own and you can feel that pull in his chapters. While the desperation in Patty’s comes through ten fold.

Libby is just trying to survive and while her money is running out she is desperate to do anything for some cash. Enter Lyle. He is a guy who is a part of a club they lovingly named The Kill Club. Where people of like minds get together and try to solve America’s cold case murders. The Day murders just happen to fit the bill and they track down Libby to try and convince her that her brother, Ben, is innocent.

We follow Libby and Lyle through the back streets of Kansas and beyond trying to find answers to a murder that happened so long ago and when Libby was a young impressionable girl. It’s hard to convince someone to change their thoughts when those thoughts have been the same since you were young, and when this is what everyone has been telling you for years.

The back and forth chapters and the pacing of the book make it for a fascinatingly quick read, I couldn’t put it down once it started rolling. The conclusion will leave you breathless as you take this journey with Libby and Lyle to uncover the truth that so many have kept hidden for decades.


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