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The Pact- Jodi Picoult


At seventeen, the smallest crises took on tremendous proportions: someone else’s thoughts could take root in the loam of your own mind: having someone accept you was as vital as oxygen.

The Pact was suggested to me by my wonderful friend Jobeth. We were talking about how it’s hard to pick a new book to read after you’ve finished one that changes your core temperature. Suddenly a light went off inside Jobeth’s head and she quickly said, “The Pact!” I looked it up on goodreads and I have to say that people have very mixed emotions about this book. But I, like my friend utterly loved it.

The Pact is a story about love and loss and about what you do when the love that you think you deserve seems some what forbidden. Chris Harte and Emily Gold have been friends before they were born; their mother’s struck up a rather unlikely friendship when Emily’s mother Melanie and her husband Michael moved in next door to the Hartes. Actually the basis of their friendship is how I came to call Jobeth the oil to my vinegar:

Melanie, who had been too bookish in junior high school to have much of a social life, suddenly had a seventh-grade friend. Somehow, instead of Gus’s exuberance overshadowing Melanie’s reserve, they complemented each other. It ws not unlike the mixture of oil and vinegar—-neither of which one wanted alone on one’s salad, but which together seemed such a natural twosome it was easy to believe they’d been made with each other in mind.

The Hartes and the Golds have a picture perfect friendship. They go to dinner every weekend at the same chinese restaurant and they have picture perfect children who are dating and are ultimately going to be married. This is something everyone knows, even Chris and Emily. But what happens when one of the pair doesn’t seem to want the things that everyone wants for them?

Emily Gold doesn’t seem to want to be glued to Chris the rest of her life and that’s why at the very beginning of the story we find out that Emily Gold is dead and Chris Harte is alive with a gun in his hand. The story unfolds beautifully to show the life of a tortured girl who doesn’t seem to want the things that everyone else wants for her and what the boy she loves would do for her.

I have read My Sister’s Keeper so I was somewhat familiar with Picoult’s style of writing, though this one is different, not told in a back and forth style as Keeper is. It unfolds with each chapter jumping from Then and Now, and each chapter gives you just one more piece of the puzzle and it all fits perfectly. It was an easy read and made me want to pick up her new book. One thing I learned from this adventure, is aways listen to Jobeth when she suggest a book. She’s 2 for 2 now.