Darkly Dreaming Dexter- Jeff Lindsay


“I’m a very neat monster.”

A few months back I gave up on reading books. I know. I know. To be honest I was stalled on a book that was given to me that I just couldn’t get in to. I was forcing my way through the thing like a kid being forced to eat peas, and I hate peas. I would wake up in the morning and think “Ok, make some coffee, pick up the book, and at least finish the chapter.” Nope! I would pick it up get through a paragraph and put it down.

So, I gave up reading for a while and started watching Dexter. I had started it a little while back but I threw myself into it this time. I flew through the first few seasons, muscled my way through the last three, and said some choice words at the series finale. I had always been interested in picking up the book and since I work across the street from the library I peeked my head in to see if they had it.

Now, I had heard that the show took some liberties with the source material, and let me tell you they took quite a few. People have different jobs in the book than the show, people die fairly quickly but stick around in the show for seasons. I didn’t mind it actually. It made sense. It also gives me hope that the book series will end better than the show did. Oh, please, let it be so. I will have some choice words for Mr. Lindsay if they are the same. Sorry.

Either way, Darkly Dreaming Dexter was an extremely easy read, but it kept me on edge the entire time. Think Lucy reading that thriller and constantly throwing it out the window when Ricky inevitably scares her. If you’re looking for some easy reading at the end of this gorgeous summer, head over to your local library and pick it up. Now, on to the second book!

Happy reading, people!


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