A Game of Thrones & A Clash of Kings – George R. R. Martin

Game_of_thrones a-clash-kings-george-r-r-martin-paperback-cover-art

Winter is coming.

I will admit here that I was a “bandwagon jumper” when it comes to GOT. We were allowed to borrow the first season and tore through it in a couple of days during the long winter of 2012/2013. Then we had a HBO promotion through our cable provider so we marathoned the second season, again, within a few days we were finished. Then I remembered a very dear friend of mine had given me the first four books in a box-set since he had no need for two.

The first book A Game of Thrones was adapted almost word for word in to the series, some times I actually felt like I was reading the script, and I was happy that they stayed so faithful to the source material. That being said; the first book was super easy to read since I had already been introduced to the characters and the lines that they spoke I had already heard before. As far as the story goes, Mr. Martin has created a world that you wholeheartedly believe in with characters that you grow to love and some that you hate with a passion.

Each chapter is written from a different characters perspective, a style of writing that I enjoy reading because it gives you more of an insight into what everyone is feeling and how they perceive the situations around them. Each character was a joy to read except for Bran. I know I may get some flack for this, but Bran bored me. I would always flip to the end of the chapter to see how many pages I had left to go. Yes, his story is integral to the plot, but (at least for the first two books) he bored me to tears.

The second book, A Clash of Kings, was painfully hard to get through. Even though I had seen the second season and I knew, for the most part, what was happening or about to happen it was slow going getting there. Mr. Martin drudges up battles and characters that you have never heard of before just to tell you that they all died. Why do I care? Again, yes, they might have been a pertinent part to the plot but why do I have to read about these dead men (who all have names mind you) that I don’t care about. That was really my main beef with this book. The pacing was slow and he would ramble on for what seemed like forever about dead people.

So, when it came time to read the third book I just simply couldn’t do it. I have heard that it is the best one and every fans favorite and I will read it, that I can promise you. For now; I will continue to watch the show, which continues to shock me every season, and one of these days I will get around to finishing A Song of Fire and Ice.


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