Cloud Atlas- David Mitchell


Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?

I simply devoured Cloud Atlas. I will not say that this book “changed my life” or anything of that nature, but I was transported to every environment and into the lives of each character.

Mitchell splits the novel into six small novellas through out and each has a very distinct voice, which I feel must be hard for some writers and even more so with this novel. To have everything connected and yet for everyone to have their own voice. I will say that the novella titled Sloosha’s Crossin” An’ Ev’rythin’ After was the hardest for me to read. It is written in very broken English with a bizarre accent attached, there is only one such novella so it pays to muscle through it.

It is very easy for everyone to have different views of this book because I feel like it deals with so many different themes, reincarnation being at the fore front. There are certain characters in the novel who all possess the same birthmark on their shoulder, coincidence? Also, certain feelings they get while being around objects or places that other characters have been, the feeling of having been there already. While I do believe reincarnation plays a big role in this book, I feel that the common thread is simply “everything is connected”. Characters finding the diary of another, passing ships that another has been on, seeing films about another based upon another characters’ life. One can liken it to “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” Everyone and everything is connected and I ,for one, am a full believer in that mantra.

Like I said before, there are a few places in the book that lag a little bit and they feel like they take forever to read. Then there are those bits that fly by and you just want them to keep going and going and going, but every great book must end. I was a bit unhappy with the way the end was turning out until I got to the last line that sums up everything perfectly. I felt like the end was a bit rushed and he was trying to pack WAY too much into just a few pages. Either way, it is a book I will not soon forget and will recommend to others. I have not seen the movie but I am glad that I read the book before doing so.


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