Wuthering Height- Emily Brontë

I have heard it said that Wuthering Heights is one of the greatest love stories ever written, but it goes way beyond love. So much so that it borders on obsession, and I still couldn’t put it down. The love that Catherine and Heathcliff have for each other goes between pure passion and crazy obsession, and though you can feel that they love each other even at their worst of times, sometimes I couldn’t help but feel that Heathcliff was going a little over board. I think that stems more from his revenge, because this is a love story but ultimately it is a lesson in revenge.

When Catherine’s father dies he tells his children to continue to treat Heathcliff as if he were one of his own, even though he is only his “adopted son” found in a gutter in Liverpool. Though they say that they will Hindley, Catherine’s brother, returns from his time away with a new wife and even more hatred for Heathcliff then when he left. Heathcliff is made to work in the stables and given lashings for speaking out or looking at someone the wrong way. At his last flogging Heathcliff mutters to himself that he will get revenge on anyone who wrongs him. Hindley, Edgar Linton (Catherine’s husband), and even Catherine herself end up in the line of fire. He seeks revenge on everyone in the world, so much so, that by the end he is left completely alone.

It is a love story that keeps you on your toes, between the vengeance and the all encompassing love of two people you get your money’s worth out of this beautifully written novel.


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