the five people you meet in heaven- Mitch Albom

“Everyone has an idea of heaven, as do most religions, and they should all be respected.”

A beautiful idea of heaven that I think everyone can get behind. In heaven you meet five people that have changed or effected your life in some way. You may know the people personally or you may not, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a hand in the way that you ultimately lived your life. I’m not ashamed to say I teared up a few times while reading, especially during the “lesson” portions, because you not only meet five people in heaven you learn five lessons. Lessons that help you understand your life.

I think my favorite part was that each person got to choose their heaven; whether it was a diner in the mountains, a carnival, or a peaceful river. Everyone’s heaven was different and unique to them and once explained you realized why they had chosen that exact spot to be their place. It is where they wait until the person that they are supposed to meet arrives and once the person is done with their five then they stay in their heaven and wait for someone else. It’s a constant circle, but I like the idea of meeting the people who have changed my life even if I don’t know how they did. A beautifully written book with a beautiful idea of what happens when we pass on.


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